Specification & Design

  • Greeter needs to be fully themeable.
    • Panel
      • Decorate using image (e.g. /usr/share/lightdm-greeter-gtk/images/panel.png)
      • Orientation (top/bottom) needs to be configurable (greeter.conf)
    • Window
      • Inherited from GTK theme (greeter.conf)
    • Icons
      • Inherited from icon theme (greeter.conf)
      • Special icons (if any are used) needs to be changeable (e.g. /usr/share/lightdm-greeter-gtk/images/...)
  • Panel lacks features and should take a page from unity-greeter which has a far more usability.
    • Add volume indicator
    • Add computer name
    • Add keyboard layout indicator
    • Add clock indicator
  • Add a face browser to the greeter.



Discussion / Comments

  • I'm not sure the tabs really work for listing users, at least it seems very un-intuitive to me. What I liked about the previous, more sketchy mockup, was that the computer name went into the otherwise rather empty panel and that the login-box was kinda reduced in complexity and size. Now it contains lots of widgets and elements again. --Simon

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