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About Me

My first experience with Linux was in Red Hat Server. A co-worker was trying to start up a online sales based business and asked if I would help him get things going. I went in with zero knowledge and was hooked. At that point I had only ever used Windows and from then on I started to pay attention to the *nix world.

I hope one day to reach member status, but i realize I have a lot of learning and work to do till then. But one of the great things about the community is that once you learn something there is always the chance to pass on the knowledge to someone else. Sometimes you learn something in the morning and are helping out in the evening.

Ubuntu Participation


I can be found helping in #ubuntu , forums and Answers

I have read the Triage Guide and am currently a new member of the BugSquad Team so I can triage my way into learning Ubuntu better. I am also looking into joining the Beginners Team to help out.


I can still be found helping in irc,forums and answers. There is also now askubuntu that I plan to be active in. My membership to the bugsquad team expired, due to lack of participation, however that was due to a move and problems getting set back up, but I am back now and looking to get to work.

Currently reading about fixing bugs and am going to try and help with "bitesize" bugs.


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