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Wiki Homepage Creation

  • See the Wiki Guide on Page Creation to understand how new pages are made. Note that this guide is on the community wiki, you will be creating your page on The information applies nonetheless.

  • So for example (don't make the page), if my nick were Zergling, and I wanted a page named so, I'd type into an url bar of a browser This will direct you to a create new page screen.

  • At this point, you can either start a new page from scratch or select from either of our two prepared templates (they will be in the list of templates). They can be previewed HomepageBTTemplate and HomepageBTTemplate2.

  • For documentation on how wiki markup (the language that dictates the formatting) works, see the Wiki FG's homepage. This section provides information on how to login and edit either wiki. Take special note of the Wiki Guide and it's formatting sections. You may practice with the listed Sandbox or simply within your new homepage, it is yours to do with as you see fit.

DON'T edit other people's pages. For a few examples of what a wiki page might look like see the following:

  • To examine the markup of the above, be logged in, push More Actions ... drop down at the top and select Raw Text. This will allow you to look at a plain text version of the source of a page, comparing to what actually appears is a good way of learning. If you like some piece of markup like a table or organization structure, feel free to borrow it (i.e. copy and paste to your own page), it was probably borrowed from someone else before.

  • Please note, not all section used by these members might apply, use only what you need. So if say for instance you've not made any Team Proposals or Wiki page contributions, just delete the sections and headings, can always add them back later.
  • If you have any trouble or questions, ideally see members of the Docs Focus Group. If none in the main channel, see anyone else who is, most have some experience with wiki.

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