ubotu is a an automated bot in the ubuntu support IRC channels on freenode.

ubotu is a very useful resource for frequently asked questions or advice on known issues or configurations.

ubotu is most commonly invoked with an exclamation mark and the query keyword.

For example !nvidia will query ubotu on the key word in nvidia. This example will return the following to the main channel conversation.

To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see

To stop the flow of the channel from being disrupted with this sort of information it is recommended that the output of ubotu be redirected to an individual user via a private message. This is done with the ">" symbol

Instead of !nvidia or !nvidia | steve change the query to nvidia > steve

This redirection will force ubotu to send a private message to the user steve containing the respose to the !nvidia query, rather than the main channel that disrupts the flow of conversation.

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