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I am a middle-aged father earning money as a white goods spare parts salesman. Computers have always been a hobby of mine. I was interested in them after seeing one of early ZX Spectrums. Nowadays people would often call me to provide them with technical support in this field. Where i work, they would rather see me in IT support. However, I am not a programmer.

My brain is perhaps wired a bit differently it seems, as I would often come to solutions fast and in a strange way.

My first brush with Linux was in 1996 with the Red Hat. However, as it did not support my modem and printer it wasn't much more than an exercise in dual boot install.

I more or less forgot about Linux until I inherited an older PC with non-genuine Windows. I wanted a properly working and safe PC used for website editing. The choice I had was to buy Windows XP or to try Linux again. The 9.10 Linux live session soon became an installed OS. Not everything went smooth, so I asked around on forums. I had plenty to learn so I read the forums a lot. I saw that other users had similar issues or got stuck at the same point as I have. Since I knew the solution, I have decided to share it.

The more I read the forum posts, the more I shared, the more I learned. I also made mistakes, but i learned not to repeat them. Soon I would switch from exploring Linux on desktop to using it on server. I am still far from being able to get a certificate, but at least I had two successful setups.

All that said I am still primarily a Windows user. The main reason is I still need windows for some things. Besides, I like to take 30 min of me time a day and play a windows based game or two.


I see patterns around me in everything. This helps me to be efficient at work. It wasn't difficult to see that people in Ubuntu Forums often have similar issues, that are usually pretty easy to diagnose and have solutions readily available. Often people do not know how to search correctly or where to search for a solution. To me it is a simple task, as I do it every day at work. I decided to help the users whenever I can. In that way, those with better knowledge of the OS can focus on the more difficult issues in the forums support area.

I also help on the local community forums and occasionally I am active on IRC as well.

I always report bugs when I encounter them. I also helped a bit with a specialist app testing.

Future Goals

One of my goals is to come up with an application that would provide some regular income, while at the same time help those that need our help.

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