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Official Ubuntu member since the 7th of May, 2015.

About Me

Greetings from Portugal!

I am passionate for technology and I'm here to learn new skills related to software.

Current Works

  • Currently working to redefine my local community and find an overall strategy to help it grow and become active again, as well as more newcomer-friendly. On the other hand, I am also trying to find resources to organise local events, promoting Ubuntu with USB-installations and provide general help for new users.

Visions for the Role in Ubuntu Community Council

The Council plays a very important role in managing the social aspects of Ubuntu. As one of the main Linux distributions, this means a significant number of people will try to reach out, get involved, learn more and/or simply do more. For that reason, this is not a less concerning aspect as development or other technical topics.

As a nominate to the Community Council, I am looking forward to work hard on refreshing the project's needs to fit and adapt to those people who are trying to get started contributing or those who want to expand what we do. As these numbers grow, the Community should also follow the same behaviour and scale up, allowing them to get in and feel integrated.

My ultimate goal in this term is to find an overall fitting framework for communities involving Ubuntu, helping them become more active, more productive and efficient. My previous experiences in open source projects and in not-for-profit projects, will help shape my contributions to the council which, with other's help and experiences, will hopefully have a positive impact in the Communities' growth and productivity levels.

Previous Contributions

Wiki Design

We did adjustments to make the Lubuntu Wiki experience simpler and more efficient, keeping in mind non-power users and those you would want to have the information available without much hassle.

This included fixing broken links, updating outdated pages, add or remove unnecessary information in specific pages and other small details.

Lubuntu Manual

In a similar approach to the known Ubuntu Manual, the idea was to craft a Lubuntu Manual, dedicated to Lubuntu. Even though the core work was done by the Ubuntu fellows, as both distributions are similar in some parts, it required some tweaking and dedicated prints.

The ultimate goal of this sub-project was to have a frequently updated, dedicated and important manual to help spread the word of Lubuntu.

Challenges & Future

Being an open source advocate and knowing the trouble it is to get more people involved, I dream of the possibility of starting some projects to introduce people to Linux and the Ubuntu Communities. For that, some projects I would like to kickstart someday include:

  • Help the Portuguese LoCo team be more active and organize events with the LoCo;

  • Run USB-a-thons, with the goal of helping people install & setting up a ready Ubuntu system;

  • Run sessions and events to teach and explain the Ubuntu & Kubuntu Packaging system;


Please leave below your comments of previous contributions, if you wish to do so.

It is a pleasure to have met Gustavo. He's such an enjoyment to work with and always reflects a radiant attitude whenever I speak to him or see him on channels. Not only this but he is an important addition to the Lubuntu community. The job of Team Leader for the Lubuntu Wiki and Docs Team is an important one. Sometimes the work is tedious, but Gustavo has stuck around and continues to play a role in the community. Not to mention that he is also a student. If one were to create more synonyms for the word dedicated, Gustavo's name would be among the new additions. He more than deserves membership into the community and I fully support that. -- JasonO

Gustavo is that kind of person who is always there, for everybody. He collaborates with my team and others, with translation, templates, wiki documents editing, meetings, etc. All this time I spent with him at the team, he always finished his duties in time (like releases cycles) and always being kind and extremely respectful with others and their needs in the community (considering how difficult is organising people at several timezones). I'm honoured to be able to work with Gustavo, and I highly recommend his membership. -- rafaellaguna

Gustavo is truly one of a kind. He is not a typical contributor in the sense of being very technical, and yet he is a great example of a truly remarkable contributor. Being a committed open source user, he relentlessly sought a place where he could contribute back. Through the Linux Padawan program, he sought guidance. I was lucky to take him on as as a padawan. I taught him a few things and he took to them readily. Additionally, when I gave him projects to work on to flex his newly-found skills on, he greatly exceeded my expectations. When I was at a point where he could be released to properly contribute on his own, he brought grand ideas to the Lubuntu team and took on some of the team's most ambitious ideas, including the manual project. His fervor, passion, self-motivation, and professionalism easy earned him a place as a Team Leader. The thing that makes him an ideal contributor is his business acumen. Sure, he has fun doing it, but he takes his volunteering as seriously as he would any other job. I cannot recommend his membership highly enough. -- wxl 2015-04-24 19:19:09

I have a pleasure to work with Gustavo. He seems to bring passion and drive to the lubuntu docs that was not seen in some time. Gustavo also made sure many wiki pages for the release needed for 15.04. While I finished some final testing on the images. --walterorlin

When I met Gustavo, he had no idea how the community was "ticking". But I could tell right from the start that he was different from those who participated in the project Lubuntu before him. He wanted to know everything, questioned things and was always able to make the ultimate step for the project and the "brand Lubuntu" to get closer to its goal. After he had tried himself in various niches and sub-projects, he finally found his place at Wiki & Docs team where he was able to give a long needed reboot and - within one month - re-did the wiki pages of Lubuntu which are now even easier to use and will enable even the greenest Greenhorn to find his&her path without difficulty.

If it were up to me, Gustavo - despite his short period of commitment - has already credited outstanding services to the Ubuntu community and should be rewarded with membership. --silverlion

I remember when Gustavo got started with the Ubuntu Community, he was clueless on how things worked. At that time, I was his mentor and we discussed various things about the Community. Though those discussions, Gustavo understood the problems that the Community is facing. Shorty after we started these mentioning sessions, his real life started to stress him out and we had to quit our sessions.

A month later, Gustavo's life started to be better for him and he asked the Lubuntu folks to find a place where he can help the development. Since he is not a developer, the wiki/docs area was suggested. After learning how to edit in MoinMoin, he quickly learned how to do it and also create plans on how to make the docs/wiki more useful and became the wiki team leader. This all because of his commitment and hard work to the (L)Ubuntu Community.

Like what others said, Gustavo is truly a different type of person and has the commitment and hard work to improve the Ubuntu Community. Keep up the great work, Gustavo!!! -- belkinsa 2015-04-24 20:21:24

As has been more than better explained above, once I parted company with ubuntu rules, this young man has actually re invigorrated me with his enthusiasm. He has done pretty much the entire set of docs for lubuntu to move to 15.04 and has actually helped me set the team to have a set of instructions to follow.Oh, what pages?... I really cannot state on here just how imporant he is to lubuntu and how deserving he is of full ubuntu memebership. That he has kicked in the dormant lubuntu manual area, is astounding. As an ex ubunuteer, I will be helping him. Please read what we have written above and look upon the application of a fantastic guy favourably. phillw 25th April.

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