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I'm a retired applications developer (medical issues). My skill-set however is mostly unhelpful; relating to old 'blue dinosaurs'.

I first used GNU/Linux around 1998 but for years only used distros that contained GNU in their name (mostly debian). It wasn't until ~2010 that I finally tried Ubuntu.

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I joined the UWN & news team for issue 425 (July 2015) as a summary writer. By issue 487 I was adding (occasional) articles to the doc for the next issue though only for Planet. At issue 502 I was finally stepped out of liferea using a browser to find & fill-the-doc preparing it for summary writers. I was sending the the summary emails by #512, and sometimes pasted to wiki for editing, running [upd/sec] scripts & sending email to editors. At issue 523 a new team started leading the UWN and I've returned to summary writer, though often post UWN to the fridge & social-media.

Fridge, Ask Ubuntu [QA-]Testing & irc

For the Ubuntu 17.10 freeze I started posting news to the fridge.

Ask Ubuntu -

QA-Testing - see (or but primarily 18.10 onwards & x86.

I've tried to contribute to the Lubuntu Team recently; intention being packaging (a recent attempt of a package exists in my PPA for testing purpose) but so far I've not got it yet. I have however helped with testing bug fixes but proof of this would be in lp.bug.reports.

Minor wiki edits (updates when I see them & feel equipped to update the material; usually the minimum change necessary to make it accurate and not re-writes). Some of these are on request of people on IRC, Ask Ubuntu.

I'm regularly on IRC & respond to anything I can.


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