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About Me

I began using Ubuntu after a blue screen of death that caused data loss using Windows XP. Ubuntu was the ideal operating system for me: It was helpful for my everyday tasks and helped me discover my passion for programming.

My first Ubuntu was 9.10 and, after the release of 10.04 I am finding myself in ubuntuforums.org. What initially attracted me to Ubuntu was the awesome compiz effects, like wobbly windows! Unity was hard to become used to, but it is now very useful and quick, mainly because of HUD. A sad fact is that the main Ubuntu system has become a lot heavier, though.


I love programming and spent most of my free time hanging out, reading books and programming.

Professional Work

I am not a professional, I am still a student. I am one of the developers of Wallch, though, an application for changing the wallpapers of the desktop background on a set time. The latest 2 versions of Wallch have been included to the main repositories.


  • Ubuntu Helping users at the Ubuntu Forums

    Ubuntu Helping users at Ask Ubuntu

    Ubuntu Reporting posts at the Ubuntu Forums for their better functionality

    Ubuntu Bug Reporting at Launchpad and Gnome Bugzilla - testing beta applications

    Ubuntu Providing Assistance on IRC Chatrooms

    Ubuntu Proposing Ideas at Ubuntu Brainstorm

    Ubuntu Developing scripts and helpful programs for the Ubuntu Community

    Ubuntu Contributing at the community wiki (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles)

My main contributions have been in programming and helping at the Ubuntu Forums, where I offer advice, when I can.

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Next Wallch's version development

    Ubuntu Continue helping at the forums

    Ubuntu Provide the Wiki with helpful entries and improve the existent ones.


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