About Me

Hi. Hector A. Henry Sjogreen its my name. Am a systems technician of San Andres, Islas, Colombia. I currently living in Ontario, Canada. Well my history in Linux its not so bright like others well know users, but am here to bill up my history, my knowledge and share it whit other as I cant and they are willing to learn and make it clear for all including for me, but I simple love the systems, love Linux, and see all what its about it its fantastic for me.

Some sites/Contact info

Mi goals for Ubuntu Colombia

  • Help improve the content of Ubuntu Co Webpage.
  • Help In the support on Ubuntu.
  • Become an Ubuntu Member.

Vision for Ubuntu Colombia

  • Make Ubuntu Colombia one of the most organize en South America, and be a information node for the region.
  • Improve team work in the community whiting Spanish speakers.

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