Hela Oueslati

About me

  • Master Student in the University of technologies, Darmstadt Germany.
  • Undergraduate Student in Computer system and multimedia from the high institute of computer science and Multimedia (ISIM Sfax) the south of Tunisia.
  • Member in the Youth and science Association.
  • Trainer-member in JCI


  • Email : helaoueslati (at) yahoo (dot) fr

  • IRC : hela on freenode : #ubuntu-tn , #ubuntu-women

  • Launchpad page

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • 15/11/2008 : Organizing Ubuntu day at ISIMS with a booth, talks, Install party and two conferences : "Ubuntu, a gate to the Open Source World" by Rafik Ouerchefani (Ubuntu Member).

    "Ubuntu Studio" by Rached Alaya/ RachedTN.Install party by Wajih ltaif/ MaWal.

  • 28/11/2008 : Participation in the Open Source Seminary at the Faculty of Sciences, Sfax.I contributed in the talks and in the install party.
  • 28/11/2008 : Interviewed by Radio Sfax about the importance of free software in education and how to organize Ubuntu events.
  • 20,21/12/2008 : Participation in migrating the National School of Engineers of Sfax to Ubuntu.I participated by installing Ubuntu on several computers.
  • 22,23/01/2009 : Organizing FOSS seminary at ISIMS. This seminary was for the teaching and administrative staff of my college. We held conferences and workshops.
  • 04/02/2009 : participation in Ubuntu Conference "It's time to forget about Windows" in the High Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of Monastir.I contributed with talks and giving testimonials about my experience with Ubuntu.
  • 11/2/2009 : Participating in a seminar with the Secretary of State for Computer Sciences, Internet and Free Software. During this meeting the secretary of state wanted to know more about what we did at our college and asked about what we need to go forward in our activities.
  • 27,28/2/2009 : Participation in ISETSEvent 9.02 by animating a workshop Java on Ubuntu, and participating in animating an install party.
  • 2/05/2009 : Presenting the news of Ubuntu 9.04 on Sfax Radio with Houda EL HAJ KACEM the radio host.
  • 20/06/2009 : Elected as group event assistant in Ubuntu-tn management committee.
  • 18/09/2009 : Elected as group event coordinator in Ubuntu-tn management committee.
  • 31/10/2009 : Participating in the SFD-Tunisia 2009 (software freedom day) as Ubuntu moderator. Nominated for the competition "Knowing how to say thank you" category "Best new member for the year 2008-2009".
  • 22/01/2010 : Talking about open source software and Ubuntu as OS on Sfax Radio with Abir Chakroun the radio host.
  • 3/2/20010 : Participation in EventINSAT10.02 as a conference moderator "Ubuntu First step"

  • 13/2/20010 : Participation in EventTanyourSfax10.02 as a conference moderator "Ubuntu for daily uses"

Future Plans

  • Switch all my college to Ubuntu.
  • Organize an International Camp for the Youth Science Association with Free software as topic (and of course Ubuntu as OS).
  • Try to get involved with the Ubuntu-women team.
  • continue contributing in Ubuntu events in my country.



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