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Show more about ubuntu

Show more about ubuntu , like what ubuntu means ? How it grew ? What all can be done with it ? so on ...in the background as it is installed , also provide an option to hide the info if the user already knows it and is not interested Smile :)

Solution #2 : Solution for idea 18642

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Options to expand (+) and contract (-) the hierarchy Let the user have the open to , expand to the deepest level saying in the same window there by he can browser all through the hierarchy staying in the same window , there by avoiding repeated back and forward clicks.

And also the user will have an option and control on which he wants which folder to expand.

So the view would be as of now , and then when mouse over the folder , the (+) and (-) signs appers and the user can expand the folder as a tree as show in the solution #1.

Ideas :

1.Which idea/solution was up which was down today ?

When i have many solutions and ideas , it's hard for users to track Which idea/solution was up which was down today ?

Provide a tab/list of ups and downs today. As a graph is given about , how users rate my solutions , there can be a simple tab or a list below the graph showing which was up and which was down today , so that we can re-review our own brain-storms

2.Search any buddy in pidgin - independent of the buddy status

As of know , when you type in the name of your buddy in the main window of pidgin , it would highlight your friend only if he is online , again to search him if he is not online , then you have to do show off-line buddies , which in-turn shows up a big list if you have many friends Wink ;) , then again we have to type his name in the main window then get your buddy info.

3.Intelligent IDE for all

There may be Code::Blocks , Geany , Eclipse and many other IDE which are very specific.

But , we are still in search for an IDE which is flexible for all kind of programing languages and other kind of development.

I would like to stress on the word "Intelligent" , because the IDE just helps in development , but never auto-corrects , few simple errors , like ";" or "(" missing , if its a huge code , this type of intelligent IDE , which can help us to provide the best practice and efficient code.

Making all this possible in a single IDE , seems like a great challenge , if done will not really help the mankind ?

Solution : An IDE with auto-corrections and best practice suggestion for all coders Written by hemanth.hm the 4 Mar 09 at 05:51. For example , say we have type a Java code ,

Systme.out("Hello World")

As we can not the compiler will report error , maybe the ";" is missing and even "Systme" , is not defined . So if we make an IDE which "auto-corrects" such kind of errors.

Say , after the compiler reports such errors , the IDE me goto that particular line in the code and make the corrections.

User must have options to set the correction technique , and the corrections must be listed before its applied so that , some user defined variable will not be auto-corrected.

Other issue is , the IDE must be light weight.

If we can make a data-warehouse , with all the best patterns for different types of coding languages and most commonly done errors , the IDE must cross-check form it and list us different ways of doing the same , and help us to develop the best code.

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