About Me

My name is Eleni Maria Stea and I am a software engineer at Canonical Ltd. My work mostly revolves around the Ubuntu desktop code (I work on nux, compiz, unity and some related programs). I like programming and especially computer graphics, computer vision and image processing (hobby projects: http://imgur.com/a/X06TZ). My favorite programming languages are C, C++ and Perl.

Contact Information


Future Goals

Improve the Ubuntu desktop experience.


Eleni is an active contributor to the Unity stack through her roles in Canonical. She uses the appropriate methods to consistently land changes into Ubuntu and such she seems like an excellent candidate for Ubuntu membership. Welcome Eleni!

-- robert-ancell 2015-10-01 20:31:04

I know Eleni mostly from IRC, also from her contributions in Bugs. I'm following her blog and reading all the helpful (and in deep analysis) posts she makes. She is always willing to help and I believe she would be a valuable addition in Ubuntu Community as Ubuntu Member. I fully support her application.

-- NickTh, "Ubuntu Member"

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