About me

My name is Hendrik, I am living in Hamburg/Germany. I am using Ubuntu mainly as platform for my work as Software developer. Actualy im working in the development of embedded Linux devices. And i'm running my toolchains under jaunty. Mostly i am working on device drivers for specialized embedded hardware. Im mostly programming C/C++, but im also in application programming using Java and C#. Also away from my work im using Ubuntu as OS of my first choice.



My brand new project:


  • At first i started to translate ubuntu projects into german language
  • Transaltions for ocPortal
  • Translations for Freedom Toaster Software
  • Translations for Bazaar Explorer

Group Memberships:

For the future..

  • spend some Time in bug-fixing
  • Work on device Drivers for the Linux Kernel
  • be envolved in GNOME development
  • Work in S/W development of new Apps


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