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UTC +9:30 (Central Australia)

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ikt on irc.freenode.net

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Ikt's Blog

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Ubuntu 12.04

About Me

If you wish to know more about the things I'm interested in, it's best to check my website linked above, thanks Smile :)


- Alpha/beta tested Ubuntu 9.10
- Alpha/beta tested Ubuntu 10.04
- Alpha/beta tested Ubuntu 10.10
- Alpha/beta tested Ubuntu 11.04
- Alpha/beta tested Ubuntu 11.10
- Alpha/beta tested Ubuntu 12.04
- Beta tested Zenix 9.10

- Active member of the Ubuntu Australian team.
- Moderator of the Ubuntu Australia loco sub-forum
- Participated in the Ubuntu Au Translation Jam for the Ubuntu Global Jam 2011
- Organise a small cd+brochure package at local library
- Updated HTML5 countdown banner

Current Projects

- Creating another poster and cd handout for the 12.04 release

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