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Miles Sharpe (Kilos)

Inetpro has been one of my guiding lights since I first became aware of the internet, ubuntu and irc. Along with superfly they have taught a raw old diesel mechanic what it is like to be a geek and be part of an online community. He is always available for help on ubuntu-za. He does at times push one to do your own thinking and working out a problem, but, when he sees the task is too great he jumps in and teaches you how and why to do things the right way. ubuntu-za will not be the same without him. My favourite saying for him is "inetpro fix it!" If it wasn't for Gustavs patience, understanding of other peoples problems and his willingness to help them get ahead I wouldn't be an Ubuntu member today. -- msdomdonner 2015-01-21 07:40:52

Neil Oosthuizen (nlsthzn)

inetpro is one of a handful of presences in the South African LoCo that always seems to be available to lend support or a friendly ear to all that need it. As part of a core group that keeps the LoCo going inetpro has earned theprivilege of becoming an Ubuntu Member but what I have learnt of him over the years is regardless of accolades or titles, he will continue to assist and be a community builder and leader for the betterment of his fellow South Africans -- -- nlsthzn 2015-01-25 08:22:27

Raoul Snyman (superfly)

Gustav is one of the constants in the Ubuntu South African LoCo. He helps folks with problems by getting them to think for themselves, refusing to spoon-feed people but happy to explain things when it is clear the topic is way over someone's head. As an extremely technical person, I often become frustrated with those who know less about Ubuntu, but Gustav has patience that would make a saint envious. Always happy to lend a hand, Gustav is an asset to our community and to Ubuntu in general. Always a calm head, I know I can approach him for solid advice. -- raoul-snyman 2015-01-25 17:41:38

Greg Eames (magespawn)

inetpro has been around from the begininning, or at least way before I joined. One of the people who just seems to know the answers, this is gained from years of experience of working with linux of all flavours. inetpro's favorite response to a question about a command is 'man command', this encourages the asker to find the solution for themselves. I believe this is one of the best approaches, along the line of teaching people to fish rather than giving them a fish. -- geames 2015-02-01 17:11:58

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