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I've been involved in computers since I was 3. (It was 1993 & Tandy didn't have the slim laptops as today, but I had fun with it for sure) A Linux Fan Since I don't know when, I've used Live Disks of many distro's & try to be knowledgeable on many too. I obtained my first computer in 2006, & wasn't too long after that I installed xubuntu on it. I have really gotten to like Ubuntu over the years.

I recently was a college student studying for an IT degree, but have taken a break for (among other reasons) it's cost.

I had worked for Real IT Concepts & Have also done commission work for Radiated Computers.

Contributions To The Ubuntu Community


  • Zach is a bright young man with a real passion for Ubuntu and GNU/Linux. He spends a great deal of his time making himself available for other LoCo members, family, and friends. A true enthusiast. --Rich Gray (netritious)

  • Zach is always willing to lend a hand and help folks out he is our LoCo's resident expert on the command line and also extremely helpful with security issues. -- WesleyStout

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