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* FULL NAME: Efstathios (Stathis) Iosifidis

* BIRTHDAY: July 17th, 1975

* LOCATION: Thessaloniki, GR

* PROFESSION: Veterinary medicine student AUTH Vet medicine

* Launchpad:

* Promo of Ubuntu GNOME and also Ubuntu MATE in Greece

* Ubuntu Greek Facebook group administrator team

* Coordinator of Greek translation teams for GNOME, openSUSE, Razot-qt

* Translator of Ubuntu, MATE, Enlightenment, ownCloud

* MATE Desktop social media coordinator since 2013

* Gnome Foundation Member


* Linux user since 2006.

* Co-founder of GreekLUG.

* I translate-write some how to in Greek at GreekLUG forum (GreekLUG) (user: diamond_gr) and also opensuse wiki and some parts of the distro.

* Talk about Gnome Greek Community and Gnome 3 at FOSSCOMM 2011.

* Organized and made a Gnome presentation (see the video) at 1st openSUSE collaboration summer camp.

* Desktop Summit (Berlin, August 6-12 2011)

* Organized Software Freedom Day (September 17th 2011) @ Florina.

* Organized a booth at 76th Thessaloniki's International Trade Fair, September 10-18, 2011.

* Organized Gnome 3.2 release party, Thessaloniki, September 30th, 2011.

* Mentor @ Google Code In 2011 with openSUSE and Gnome.

* Presentation about Gnome 3.2 @ Kastoria FOSS conference, participation at 12.1 release party.

* Presentation ownCloud(in Greek), Gnome extensions (in Greek) @ FOSSCOMM 2012.

* Organized 2nd openSUSE collaboration summer camp and participated with 2 presentations and workshop. The presentations were about ownCloud (in English) and how to behave at booths (in English). The workshop was about translation some programs of Gnome.

* Volunteer @ openSUSE conference 2012 (Prague), presentation about Nonverbal communication @ booth (Video)

* FOSSCOMM 2013 with 2 presentations. ownCloud, GNOME community gone crazy? and if you would like to see the videos, here is my GNOME one.

* Help Organize openSUSE conference 2013 - July 18-22, Thessaloniki-Greece (Google Plus event, Facebook event)

* Author and moderator of Ubuntu Gnome Greece.


* My blog

* My Gnome Blog

* Facebook

* Google Plus

Contact info

* Email: iefstathios at

* Twitter: @eiosifidis

* IRC: diamond_gr or iosifidis @ freenode

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