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About Me

Hello from Melbourne, Florida! I am a former Marine, and am a member of the “Ubuntu Florida Team Council” team. I have been involved with the Ubuntu community since UDS Jaunty! I was a Debian "Woody / SID" user prior to using Ubuntu when it was first released. It's kind of ironic looking back, at the time I had recently purchased an AMD-64 Shuttle that was top of the line. During this period there were only a handful of distributions that supported 64-bit, a new distro appeared near the top of my google search, "Ubuntu" version 4.10. I first downloaded the i386 live cd and ran it on my shuttle with great success, and went on from there to download and install the AMD 64 version. After that I proceeded to install Unreal Tournament Tournament 200x which released a 64-bit version of the game shortly after.

I have used other Distributions, but in my opinion the only thing that can come close to the stability of an Ubuntu system is Beyond Linux From Scratch. I have contributed to many forums, most notably fellow Florida Team member Lupine's phpbb located at I have also provided support in ubuntu forums as chriscri, and have seemed to misplace my original itnet7 account in the ubuntu forums somewhere between the merges of launchpad and stuff and trying to consolidate/merge accounts a while back.

Advocacy & Involvement

I have participated in the following UDS's, where I mostly spent time in the Community sessions, helping generate ideas that would encourage the growth of LoCo Teams, gaining new community members, and sessions on how to attract developers. I was the Florida Team contact from January 2009 - February 2014. I also was a contributing member of the LoCo Council from December 2009 – October 2013. In that role, I helped mediate issues between LoCo Team members and spent time mentoring team contacts in order to get their teams organized. A few personal issues arose that prevented me from keeping up my level of involvement (family and work-related), but things have straightened out now.


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BelindaLopez highly recommends Chris!. Chris has done some outstanding work with the Florida Loco Team and other projects. I met him when he attended the 2008 UDS in Mountain View. Chris and his partner in crime, Dan T, paid their own way to attend UDS and participate in shaping the future of the next Ubuntu release. While there I also asked for the input on some upcoming training offerings. They gladly obliged and even traveled to Baltimore,MD in the freezing cold ice and snow to assist at my Sprints. Chris technical experience really helps set the bar for what Ubuntu should be and his personal enthusiasm bring a much welcomed humorous side to any event. +1 for Chris!!!

Chris is an awesome contributor. He does a great job with the Florida team. I met him for the first time at UDS Jaunty. His enthusiasm for everything Ubuntu is contagious. Chris's work with the Florida Team and as an organizer of the Florida Linux Show shows his commitment to putting the community first. He will make a great Ubuntu member! - NickAli