I am a Learning Designer/Curriculum Developer/Educational Technology Consultant. I teach people how to teach things. My hometown is Baytown, Texas and I currently live in Galveston, Texas. I travel extensively, willing to go at the drop of a hat, any hat. I have also lived in Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Los Angeles, California, as well as Austin, Texas and Wellington, New Zealand. I have a need to be by the water, preferably an ocean with a view of the sunrise/sunset.

I've been involved with the Ubuntu project for over five years now and took on the role of Training Project Manager with Canonical in September 2008. I am currently working as the Education program contact for OEM services. I was drawn into the project by the potential to use Ubuntu in education and learning environments. For the past decade I've been involved in creating innovative learning solutions for everyone from preschoolers to astronauts. You can view my resume with lots of wordy details at

I am known as "Dinda" by my Grandmother. When I was a wee child I could not pronounce my own name so I deemed myself dinda and the nickname remains.


IRC(freenode): dinda

Email: dinda [at] ubuntu [dot] com



  • Education Projects for Canonical OEM - 9/2010 -
  • Training Project Manager for Canonical - 9/2008 - 9/2010
  • Attended UbuntuDeveloperSummitParis

  • Attended UbuntuDeveloperSummitMountainView

  • Ubuntu Women's Project - initiated IRC Meetup day and now we have regular meetings and several projects underway. The group has become much more active and the CC has granted our request to have more website and Launchpad Admins. We have initiated several new projects but have much work ahead.
  • Marketing Team - Occasional contributor to mailing list
  • LoCoTeams - helped round up folks for the Houston, Texas area Loco meeting, making plans to help merge all Texas Teams and scheduling more regular meetings

  • Participated in the pilot for Ubuntu Systems Admin course in Geneva - it was cold!
  • Created wiki pages on HCI Resouces

  • Began exploring creation of an HCI Team, working with Ubun2design and Artwork/Desktop Teams
  • More to come including working with Ubuntu Education and Training projects
  • Traveled to the Ubucon in NYC on 16 Feb 2007.
  • Developed and submitted two proposals for the Ubuntu Live conference with help from members of the Ubuntu Women's Project.
  • Willing to help out anywhere needed


Spent the past few years teaching myself everything I can learn about FLOSS, Ubuntu and ways to be involved in the community. I am very interested in using Ubuntu in educational settings and putting together presentations for decision makers. Made contact with several educators through the Texas Computer Educators Association who have just started a FLOSS Sig. I have been sending them regular Ubuntu reports. I have began planting the seeds for FLOSS discussions with several educational technology leaders. Many in the field are reporting that their teachers are now coming to them to ask them questions about various FOSS offerings! They(district level technology coordinators) are now actively looking for more information and very interested in learning more about security and the development process. In particular they are interested in Moodle, Sakai and large scale deployments of laptops/desktops/netbooks/devices(20k and more) in the schools.

The Future

I have enjoyed my current role with Canonical and helping to make Ubuntu rock even harder but keep being drawn back to all things education related. There is something very addictive about teaching people new skills and helping them get to those aha moments. I hope to move more into the Education sector as I see a great match with Constructivist learning theory and all things FLOSS.

I also serve on the Board of Directors for the project and look forward to helping to bring technology to more kids.

Cheers from the Community

Although I have not worked with Belinda extensively, she has shown commitment and dedication to community that has impressed me, largely within the LoCo project, Training Pilot and Ubuntu women. -- JonoBacon

Same feelings as Jono above with the addition that Dinda has worked with Ubuntu's Education and Training projects and has gone out of her way to participate in Ubuntu events (most recently I saw her at Ubucon NYC). Above all, I find myself returning to her dedication and enthusiasm to Ubuntu and F/OSS. +1 -- Joey Stanford

I had the opportunity to work with Belinda during the Canonical training pilot. Not only is she dedicated, but she is also a very smart and thoughtful person. I think she have a very interesting, non-technical, perspective on Ubuntu. We have a lot to gain by getting her on board. -- EtienneGoyer

Smart independent thinker. Training & education experience. The female touch. Good(TM) person. Proven Ubuntu track record. And hopefully soon an Ubuntu member. -- MarkVanDenBorre

Belinda has been a huge help in designing the first Ubuntu training course. From professional advice on the end of a phone line to jumping on a flight to Europe for a couple of weeks (participation in the pilot), I can really rely on her support.-- BillyCina

I have worked closely with Belinda in the Ubuntu-Women project. She has worked to organize and direct IRC meetings, spearhead new projects and improve the old, pitching in anywhere she could. She has been an amazing resource of Ubuntu knowledge and we couldn't have gotten as far as we are now without her dedication. -- Elizabeth Bevilacqua

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