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Well, I do have a few goals, at least when it comes to the Ubuntu system, and all of Linux software ( but primarily Ubuntu Wink ;) ).

Voice as the third input

Keyboards and mice have dominated our usage of computers, and in a way, limit them. I want to implement a means of using a computer solely by using your voice. Every aspect of everyday computing controlled via voice ( and some hand/eye/head movement ) will not only bring awareness to Ubuntu; it'd revolutionize the way we use computers today. I want to be one of the programmers behind such an amazing feat and introduce a new age of computing.

Companion d500

This is actually kind of a - er, depressing? - project for me to pursue, but having the computer interact with the user in a way that reduces that computer-ish fear that non-computer savvy people tend to have is another attribute that I'd like to embark onto the Ubuntu interface. After all, my mother has no idea what this MBR is, or how can NTFS and ext3 file systems can't natively interact with each other; so there should be a super-friendly and super-sleek means of having novices become pros.

Current Pursuits

Right now, I'm the Development Coordinator of the Speech Control Team; a group that's led by a determined and passionate project leader to develop a transparent input system can be used for people with disabilities. This project is young, and many more things are needed. Contributions of any sort are welcome and appreciated. Check out our Wiki Page and if you think you can assist, leave a message in our (unofficial) IRC chatroom **##speechcontrol**.

Also, I'm looking to participate more in the Ubuntu community by fixing bugs here and there. I've joined a bunch of bug groups and I'm willing to take on any task necessary; I'm here to help!

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