Ubuntu User and Advocate, Bug Reporter, sometimes blogger.

Who is this guy?

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Cleveland Ohio

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jrgifford, on irc.freenode.net

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Who is this guy?

I'm a Ubuntu user, student in high school, active Boy Scout in a local troop, sometime bicyclist (I normally ride my bike everywhere I can, even in not-so-nice weather). A random fact about me is that while I like Pie (flavor doesn't matter, Apple, Cheese Cake, Lemon or Pumpkin!), I strongly dislike Pi. I'm also known to go off in tangents about random topics, even if my entire knowledge on the subject can be summed up in a single word ("none" to be precise).

What I've Done So Far

I've been using Unity (And Ubuntu) since 10.10 came out, and since then, I've been reporting bugs and using Ubuntu as my primary (and for about 7 months only) OS.

I've also been maintaining a Wiki page on the Ubuntu Wiki that is related to my hardware, specifically this page.

I'm a avid AskUbuntu user.


Some answers I've written:

Ubuntu "What is a torrent and how do I use it?".

Ubuntu "Are daily builds of Ubuntu stable enough for general desktop usage?".

Ubuntu How to setup an Opera web Kiosk.

Ubuntu One last (yeah, right. Who am I kidding?) thing that I wrote is a answer on how to install rubygems.

I also collected a bunch of Unity Quicklists in a bzr repository in an attempt to get the word out that they existed.

When I'm not on Ask Ubuntu (Although that is a somewhat rare occurrence!), I'm either blogging on 2buntu.com, or helping folks out on Twitter via @ubuntujames with their Ubuntu-related problems.

I have signed and read the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

I'm the Cleveland Ohio ReLoCo (Really Local) team leader/contact/whatever-fancy-word-you-want-to-use.

What I plan to do

Short term, I plan to revitalize the Cleveland area Ubuntu users with Ubuntu Hours and such, as well as get us involved in the GlobalJam for 12.04's cycle.

I'm currently working on packaging for the Ruby GUI toolkit shoes in an attempt to get it updated from 0.95 in the Ubuntu repositories to 3.0.0 - the project had been abandoned, was picked up again, and getting it packaged wasn't on the list of priorities until recently, since the developers were busy with bug fixes and such.


For the most up-to-date contact info for me, take a look at my contact page here.

Testimonial thingies

James is an awesome guy :). He has a good knack when it comes to giving pin-point answers as well as filling in the gaps of questions at AskUbuntu. He is really good when it comes to doing not-so-fun big maintenance work. A great candidate for Ubuntu Membership - Amith KK

James is very knowledgeable, and helpful when it comes to Ubuntu, and Technology as a whole, and I think he would be a great candidate for Ubuntu Membership. - joshuapbell

Once in a while, a bright star comes along to share his shine with you. James has been an exemplary member of the AskUbuntu community. He has a knack for providing quick, to the point articulate answers; and how to ask the correct questions as well. His passion for Ubuntu and its community is admirable. I feel he would make a great candidate for Ubuntu membership Charles Butler

While I can't advocate James on a technical level, I'd be more then happy to advocate him on both a social and LoCo level. James' work with the Cleveland LoCo (taking the team over from me) has been stellar. James is also an outstandingly bright, friendly and approachable guy. His membership in the Ubuntu project would contribute to our reputation as a friendly and welcoming community. I support his application without reservation or hesitation. Please consider his application favorably. -- paultag 2011-10-01 19:33:55

+1. James has been great helping me organize finding quicklists for Unity from around the web, then categorizing them, then filing bug reports for each one and then going from project to project helping them integrate the work. Also his organizational help at Ask Ubuntu has been impressive, typically doing grunt work maintaining things that aren't as fun to do. -- jorge 2011-10-13 21:01:54

James helped out our project (CosmOS) incredibly, and still is. He has done beautiful work, and without him, our project would probably have been ended. He definitely deserves an Ubuntu membership -- lkjoel

James has proven to be an essential asset when working in the Ask Ubuntu community. His asperations to help build a better Ubuntu community have helped to keep forward momentum on Ask Ubuntu. He also helped organize his LoCo for the Global Jam and provided much needed support to Ask Ubuntu during that time. -- marco-ceppi 2011-10-18 18:45:10

James has been a great addition to the Ask Ubuntu community ever since he's joined. His work there is extremely useful, and he has sustained his contribution for as long as I can remember. He has also helped to grow and improve the community at Ask Ubuntu. I support his membership without reservation. -- Stefano Palazzo

James works very hard at making Ask Ubuntu a better place, helping both users with their problems, and with the administrative side of keeping the site running. The site would certainly not be the same without him and so I too completely support his membership. -- oli


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