Jack Deslippe

Jack Deslippe is graduate student in Physics at Berkeley who dabbles in open-source development and advocacy in his spare time. He has been working with / using Linux since 2002. He has participated in or has code accepted in the following projects: California LoCo, Banshee, BerkeleyLUG in which he was the founder. He is the lead developer on the GEEQ Ubuntu application and several Android Applications: SquirrelCam, arXiv Droid, Droidian eMusic.


Ubuntu IRC: jdeslip on irc.freenode.net and jdeslip on Twitter

Ubuntu Google: Profile

Ubuntu Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/people/jdeslip

Ubuntu jdeslip on ubuntuforums.org

Ubuntu Website: jdeslippe.com & Blog: jdeslippe.com/wordpress/

California Team Involvement

Ubuntu Design and printing of team banner for OSCON 2009.

Ubuntu Manning Booth at OSCON 2009.

Ubuntu Represented Ubuntu an Linux Picnic 2009.

Ubuntu Lead on the Linux/Ubuntu table at the 2009 Solano Stroll.

Ubuntu Lead on the Berkeley Lucid Ubuntu Jam site.

Ubuntu In conjunction with his role in the BerkeleyLUG, jdeslip produced several Linux/Ubuntu promotional materials: Found Here

Ubuntu Lead on the Linux/Ubuntu table at the 2010 Solano Stroll.

Ubuntu Gave talk on pygtk/Quickly at the 2010 Silicon Valley Code Camp.

OpenSource Apps Developed by jdeslip

Ubuntu GEEQ Ubuntu application available in My PPA

Ubuntu SquirrelCam for Android Market

Ubuntu arXiv Droid for Android Market

Ubuntu Droidian eMusic for Android Market

Accepted Code

Ubuntu Banshee - Several patches for improved mass-storage, Android and Rockbox device support.


County: Alameda

I have been involved in the California team since mid-2009 and have contributed to several projects/joint-projects with the California team. See the above section.

I was the founder of the Berkeley Linux User Group BerkeleyLUG - currently one of the most active LUGs in the Bay Area. I believe my experience leading this group will directly help me be an effective California team council-member.

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