Joseph Fennell

Resident of Memphis, TN and user of Linux since 2001. I specialize in community outreach and political activism (was an Independent Presidential Elector in 2004). I began using Ubuntu in January of 2009 and have previously used Debian (January 2004 through January 2009), SuSe (December 2002 through December 2003) and experimented with Mandrake, Red Hat, and Fedora.


  • The first time I met Joseph was in Fall 2009 at a LoCo TN (West) meetup in Memphis, TN at the Memphis Pizza Cafe' on Madison Ave. My first impression was that Joseph was very well versed in Linux having been a full-time user for many years. Joseph called me with an extra (free) ticket to a Megadeth concert in Mid-town Feb 2010. I wouldn't call him anything less than a good friend. -Rich Gray (netritious)

  • Joseph has been a real inspiration to our LoCo due to his willingness to hit the streets and not just introduce regular people to Ubuntu, but also to show the benefits of Ubuntu to local governments as well. -- WesleyStout

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