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I am the Chief Security Officer for Mimecast, a UK-based Software-as-a-Service business specialising in email and unstructured data management. We're extensive users of Linux, which is used to power much of our bespoke grid platform.

I have a background in Information Security and Business Continuity Planning, but I also have experience in product management and product marketing.


I've been a user of Linux since running Slackware during my first university course in the early nineties (22 3.5" floppies, if I remember correctly) and Ubuntu is now my main distro. I am a member of the Kent Linux User Group, but due to conflicting priorities I don't get to attend as many of the meet-ups as I'd like.


Outside of open source, my interests include role playing games (both tabletop and online), Harley-Davidson motorcycles, tattoo art, body modification, heavy metal music and good ale.

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