This is J. Janz (aka. JJ)'s (K)Ubuntu Wiki Page

I really like KDE project and Kubuntu just came to fit like a glove to my needs: simple and powerful as Ubuntu, but with KDE :-D ... Nothing against GNOME (I actually think that it has some stuff better than KDE - and vice-versa), I just don't adapt nicely to its look and feel.

But today I think Kubuntu, as any other Ubuntu related project except Ubuntu itself, is handled like a second citizen by Canonical. They actually feel each one like a totally separate distro, which don't see the same care of its owner. I don't know about the rest of them but kubuntu used to get better attention 'till a bit later (or a bit before) 6.10. Then it's each one for itself and the only care is how Ubuntu is seen out there and how to spread it into the market, even though Kubuntu, Xubuntu and so on being also Canonical branded. You never see Canonical trying to get a notebook with Kubuntu or Xubuntu already in, you don't have options for downloading them from Ubuntu download page (even if Ubuntu/GNOME was default), you don't see info (at least a small description) about them in Ubuntu's page (just well hidden banners in the right). This is very sad, to not say strange, once Canonical's name is on them and on every one of their pages.

Well, it means it's on our back. It was what really discouraged me from helping Kubuntu itself. However, it encouraged me to help KDE, what I'm really trying to, and help improving Kubuntu through translations, suggestions, a bug here or there (found in my daily use) and mouth-to-mouth spreading. But I'd like to see Ubuntu's other projects to get more discoverable to end user.

That's basicly what I'd have to say for now about Kubuntu and me.

See you around.


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