About Joseph

  • My Name is Joseph Mills I am under 30 but older then 20

I started out with gnu/linux a couple of years ago, but had to stop using it due to school and time. I am really glad that I have more time for my hobbies now. I love Ubuntu so much. I would like to see others find the joy that I have found from this lovely operating system, so I think that this might be a good place for me to start. I think that this page is going to be a work in progress. It will look better as time goes on, I think Smile |-)

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Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

I am honored to be able to help out where ever I can with Ubuntu. The Forms are a great for that. Here is my Ubuntu forum Profile.

Here is a List of Some Post that I have helped with.

  • I talk about Ubuntu every where that I go.
    • I also sport Ubuntu stickers Ubuntu on a couple of my computers.

    • I have also placed some of the flyer's around some local colleges and coffee shops.
    • I also try to were a Ubuntu t-shirt two times a month but I only have one so I can only were it so often
    • Handing out live cd and talking to others about Ubuntu can be fun!

Future Goals

More DIY Marketing

(o) Hand out live cd's and remember to stock my bag when I leave my house.

(o) Put up more flyer's around town

(o) Bring up Ubuntu more often when at social events

(o) Update the flyer's style for "area boarding"


(o) I would like to spend some more time in 2012 making tutorials.

(o) Meet others that are involved with Ubuntu tutorials and get to know them.

(o) Try to get other's to make tutorials that are not making them already.

New York Loco

(o) In 2012 I would like to meet up with more people that are involved with the New York Loco team.

(o) Try to work with others to get Upstate New York and Other Parts More connected.

(o) Travel to Albany,Ithaca,Binghamton and other places in New York to get new sub groups going.

(o) In 2012 I would like to try and get more people on #ubuntu-us-ny

Ubuntu Hour

Ubuntu I would like to work with others and start back up the Ubuntu hour in upstate New York

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