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Currently I reside in Tampa, Florida and work for Canonical, Ltd. managing the Software Partner Program for Ubuntu. I try to be active in the Florida FLOSS scene, but it seems work and play get in the way a bit too much. I started using Slackware back in the late 90's on a true IBM PS/2 x86 machine without a clue what I was doing and never looked back. I have been a dedicated 100% Linux user since 2001.

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My contributions

  • Founded the Tampa Linux Meetup group. Currently have 117 members with the help of Michael Hall.

  • Presented Ubuntu and Cloud computing at Florida Linux Show in both Jacksonville and Orlando in 2009.
  • Presented Ubuntu and Cloud computing at the Atlanta Linux Fest.

  • Participated in the Qimo Build Day
  • Present and evangelize Ubuntu everyday in my role as a Software Partner Manager
  • Very active on IRC in assisting with #ubuntu-server and #ubuntu-us-fl
  • Active in the Florida LoCo in various capacities.

Current Projects

Assisting in the porting of the Amahi Project to Ubuntu.


John really got me started in the Ubuntu Florida LoCo through his monthly Tampa Linux Meetup. Those meetups have been an excellent recruiting tool for our LoCo and associated events. He has also helped me personally by participating in Quinn Co build events and advocacy. He has long been a mentor to other members of the Florida LoCo, especially when it comes to virtualization and cloud computing. His presentations of UEC are entertaining and informative, and really help educate people and build interest about Ubuntu's cloud offering. John is always ready and willing to contribute and make Ubuntu and our LoCo better in any way he can. -- mhall119 2009-11-17 19:42:25

I highly recommend John Pugh for Ubuntu Membership. John has been an awesome contributor for the Florida Team! He launched the Tampa Linux and Open Source Meet-up Group and has organized some great events. The Non-LoCo members of the Tampa Linux Group have participated in many events with the LoCo, and are really filled with desire to both learn and advocate the use of Ubuntu. John is a good leader and is technically proficient, taking on many challenges head-on. When reading Michael Hall's testimonial for John it speaks volumes. John's efforts have not only lead to the recruitment of quality Florida Team Members, but those members have become some of the best contributors we have. John has done many presentations this year, at OSCON2009, Atlanta Linux Fest 2009, and for Both the Jacksonville and Orlando Florida Linux Show's on Cloud Computing. John's presentations are second to none, he has a way of involving his audience and keeps things extremely interesting. Many people have benefited from the wealth of knowledge that John has with Ubuntu Server and the Cloud space, and on more than one occasion I have overheard people giving props to him for his efforts. John has also become an extraordinary friend. -- itnet7 2009-12-04 06:14:44


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