About my names

Hello, I'm user kalon33 alias Loup_74 for the francophone community.

Where I am

On these mailing-lists :

  • ubuntu-art
  • ubuntu-bugsquad
  • ubuntu-desktop
  • ubuntu-desktop-effects
  • ubuntu-devel
  • ubuntu-doc
  • ubuntu-fr-l10n
  • ubuntu-motu
  • sounder

On my website :



I travel a lot in IRC channels, and read a lot support requests but you can sometimes find me here (with the kalon33 nickname, on irc.freenode.net) :

  • #ubuntu-fr
  • #ubuntu-fr-testing
  • #ubuntu-meeting

On the Ubuntu support part of Launchpad :

I read the whole support requests and reply when I know an answer and when nobody is faster than me !

My involvement

In the community

I'm doing support for Ubuntu users on Launchpad support system, translations for Ubuntu French localisation (involved in ubuntu-l10n-fr team, I've translated espacially dpkg, apt, alsa-utils, atomix, coreutils, cupsdconf, deskbar-applet, evms, eject, gnupg, gdl-1, gstreamer-0.10, networkmanager, update-notifier, update-manager, parted, bootloader and boot-installer parts, and other ones I don't remind ), development versions testing (Feisty is my third experience for that, I tested Dapper from January 2006 to its release, and Edgy from July 2006 to its release too, and I still use it in parallel of Feisty) and of course bug report and management (involved in bugsquad team, following a few bugs especially (27) and often looking at all other ones I receive via laptop-team and bugsquad, if they need more infos or triaging ).

Other contributions

I speak of Ubuntu around me, about the features it has, about the free benefits.I help users to migrate too, distributing CDs and demonstrating the Ubuntu power to other people (especially students, teachers and friends)

To have always up-to-date news

If you want more infos about me, for the moment you can see :

My Launchpad Page

or, if you are a francophone :

My page in French

You can also try to find me on this card.

Have a nice day !

P.S : If you want a clue, search near Bordeaux Wink ;)

Plan of work for the future

I hope learning a bit more Linux core system basis to be useful for core bugs, and support more people better. I want to give more ideas for new functionalities (create some new specs) to make Ubuntu better and trying to resolve the bug #1.

I've an Ubuntu install planned at Friday 2006-15-12 for a friend


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