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Kazi Shahnoor Ashraf

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About Me

This is Kazi Shahnoor Ashraf. My screen name is kaziweb. I have started with Red Hat Linux before Ubuntu. I have started my Ubuntu journey from 9.04 Distro. I fall in love with Ubuntu because of it's awesome community and it's contribution system. I found there was no Ubuntu activity in Qatar and at the same time I'm always an Ubuntu contributor in any form, and I formed Ubuntu Qatar LoCo Team.

I am leader and admin of Ubuntu Qatar Loco Team. I am trying to spread Ubuntu in Qatar in different ways. We are continuously conducting Ubuntu Hours. Here we provide support to users and making plans to spread Ubuntu. I've created all possible and major channels to spread Ubuntu. Presently, I am getting good response from computer users, they are getting attracted and converting. Team members increasing day by day.


As an Ubuntu Activist I feel, advocacy for Ubuntu is my duty. I always encourage my friends and giving them full support continuously. I'm living in Qatar. Here people are now aware of Ubuntu. I'm always informing and promoting Ubuntu for their daily use, showing them how they can use Ubuntu on their professional and Personal life.


Presently, I am a Businessman before I was in IT profession. In IT my last job position was IT Manager. Now I use Ubuntu for my office as well for all computing needs. Being a businessman I have more opportunity to spread Ubuntu. My office itself is a place of Ubuntu demonstration.

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My Ubuntu Participation and Contribution

Documentation, Writing, posting on web and in fine, publicity is my day to day common activities beside these, Converting friends, Spreading Ubuntu, Advocating Ubuntu, Helping others to operate Ubuntu, Translation and bug reporting e.t.c. are also my continuous activities.

I'm maintaining our wiki pages and all web groups.

Continuously providing support and training on Ubuntu to new comers.

I participate on IRC Channels when needed.

Conducting regular Ubuntu Hour events and release parties.

Contribution to Qatari Local Community Team

To have a significant amount of Ubuntu LoCo Team Member I'm convincing computer users as per the Ubuntu guidance. We are reaching to retail stores who sell laptops and trying to convince them to display and sell Pre-installed Ubuntu Laptops. We got good response from them some of the shops selling Pre-Installed Ubuntu Laptops.

For better impression and in promotion of Ubuntu I've developed our first wiki page.

What I've done for Ubuntu Qatar LoCo Team as follows:

Ubuntu Qatar Team Portal: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-qa/ (Team Admin here)

IRC channel: #ubuntu-qa (I am operator here)

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-qa (Owner here)

mailing lists: ubuntu-qa@lists.ubuntu.com ubuntu-qa@lists.launchpad.net

Team Forum: http://qa.ubuntuforums.org

Team Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QatariTeam

I get excellent support from various sectors of Ubuntu Teams specially #ubuntu-locoteams.

I have created Web Groups in Social Networking sites, Blog site and an YouTube Channel as well.

Web Groups:


Now, we have a very vibrant LoCo Team.

Internet Relay Chat

#ubuntu-qa (this IRC channel was for Ubuntu Quality team. I claimed it for us as "qa" is the country code for Qatar. People from #ubuntu-locoteams helped me to get this channel for us. Now this is our own channel)

I'm operating #ubuntu-qa in freenode for Ubuntu Qatar LoCo Team.

My registered IRC nickname is kaziweb.

Ubuntu Forums

I am a Moderator for Qatar Team - Ubuntu Forum: http://qa.ubuntuforums.org

Goals For The Future

  1. To build a strong Qatari LoCo Team

  2. Continue to get Friends and Family trying Ubuntu
  3. Continue to attract people on Qatari LoCo Team as well as Ubuntu

  4. Introduce Ubuntu in all levels of the Qatari society where IT exists
  5. Taking Ubuntu in a big competition with other operating systems in the market
  6. Help my team become an approved LoCo team

  7. To be a Ubuntu Member
  8. Setting up an IT Business where I will sell Ubuntu based IT solutions and products.


Kazi Shahnoor Ashraf is the person who formed the Ubuntu Qatar Loco Team in Qatar. He worked very hard to develop and expand the team. He is an awesome Leader for our community. We all working hard with him to grow the community. He help us in all ways possible. Continuously he is trying hard in all the ways to spread Ubuntu in Qatar. I'm the one converted by him and the third person in Ubuntu Qatar Loco team. I was a windows based IT professional now I'm totally with Ubuntu. Because of him now I'm in love with Ubuntu. I'm now dedicated to contribute in Ubuntu. I hope, he will be the first Ubuntu Member in our loco team. Abueliz Fadul Alsadiq


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