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I'm an Astronomical Technologist working for the American Assocation of Variable Star Observers in Cambridge, MA. I run a shop using Fedora Linux and MacOS X. I use Ubuntu at home.

I got involved in Ubuntu after just missing out on a job at Yale University - they didn't think I had enough Linux experience. I got an old, second hand Dell Inspiron 7000 as a testbed system and installed Kubuntu 7.04 on it and then spent about a month trying to get the WiFI working on it. My wireless experience under Linux remains abysmal, but it was under Ubuntu where it was at least possible. Great kudos to the Ithaca Free Software Association is needed for helping me to get the wireless working.

It was through Ithaca Free Software Association that I continued my association with Ubuntu and Linux. I participated in the 2007 and 2006 Ithaca Installfests while an active member of the group.

Ubuntu Project Involvement

Mi parolas Esperanton kaj mi kontribuas al la tradukon de la Stellarium kaj Ubuntu projektoj.

LoCo Team Involvement

I've very recently joined the Mass. LoCo, attended the 9.04 Release Party during April & monthly meetings.

General Linux Involvement

My general Linux involvement goes back to 1995 where I began playing around with Linux on both Intel and PowerPC architectures. I wrote and published the first accounts of the PowerPC MkLinux package in Linux Journal back in November of 1996.

With Apple's increasing movement into Orwellingly-closed software distribution systems, I moved over in early 2010 to almost exclusively Linux (Ubuntu) usage with the purchase of an EeePC Netbook (Linus) and my new 2.13GHz duel Intel Core 2 server (Dulinor).

Future Plans

I'm currently planning on building an Ubuntu-based MythTV server sometime in 2010.


Email: <kinnerc AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>


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