Here are some steps to be performed in order to lockdown a gnome ubuntu desktop

Hide filesystem to nautilus

  • Open a terminal and execut "ls -1 / | sudo tee /.hidden" Do "sudo chmod a+r .hidden"

Disable CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE adding the following to xorg.conf

Disable all shortcuts

  • gnome-keybinding-properties

Disable log-out, swtich user, etc..

  • gconf-editor -> apps -> gnome-session -> logout-prompt

Disable "create laucher" from options when right clicking on desktop

  • Modify /usr/share/nautilus/ui/nautilus-desktop-icon-view-ui.xml and add hidden="true" to line:

    <menuitem name="New Launcher" action="New Launcher Desktop"/> in this way:

    <menuitem name="New Launcher" action="New Launcher Desktop" hidden="true"/>

Use pessulus for other lockdown options"

Disable mouse right click

Modify file /etc/X11/corg.conf and after line:

Option "Emulate3Buttons" "true"

add the following line:

Option "Button Mapping" "1 1 1"


Install 'public fox' extension to lock down firefox


add Option "XkbOptions" "ctrl:nocaps,compose:menu" to xorg.conf under

Section "InputDevice"

  • Identifier "Generic Keyboard"

in order to disable "context-menu" and caps-lock keys.


Delete any directory from desktop


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