A big shout out to all Hawaiʻi Linux users: please visit the Hawaiʻi LoCo team's wiki at and help us give Ubuntu a good home in Hawaiʻi. I can usually be found in IRC channel #ubuntu-us-hi.

I have no real concept of how long I've been using any particular OS. I was born and raised on computers, and had *crash* courses in repairing them each time I rendered my father's computer broken in some fashion of another. My first experiences with Linux was somewhere around 1993/1994 using the old boot/root floppy set. Around 1996 I went to a computer show and for $5 got a six CD pack containing all the major distros at the time. Well, needless to say, my first Slackware installation experience was...not so good. So I decided to try Debian, and ever since then it's been my personal favorite.

I always marvel at how little the heart of Linux has changed over the years. When you see the differences other OS's have made during that same time frame, it just amazes me that Linux hasn't changed so much, and yet people find it hard to adopt Linux even though every few years they have to relearn an entire operating system which will go unnamed (hint: there are two major candidates.)

So now I have switched over for good to Linux. In my opinion, Ubuntu is the direction the Linux desktop is heading and it just needs a good push.

I am a Network Engineer by trade, pianist by night. If you hear someone banging away a Beethoven sonata on the ivories in western Oahu, you probably have found me.


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