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Keenan Paul Lynch

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Natty 11.04 on desktop and netbook

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Waiting for 11.10

About Me


I am Keenan. I live in the great, although often cold, state of Minnesota. I have been using linux for the last two years and can gladly say that "there is no going back for me!" I believe ubuntu to be an important project in the software world, and fully support the growth of an open-source community.

Prior to using linux I could be observed fighting with a popular proprietary operating system. Although I became quite versed in the inner-workings-so-to-say of that OS, I was unaware of the joy of open-source software and CLI until I starting using linux. I am able to get things done much quicker, and if not quicker then with a greater efficiency and usage of my systems' hardware.

I look forward to participating in the ubuntu community and hope to contribute in someway to this open-source movement.

My Involvement in the ubuntu community

I have only recently joined the ubuntu community and will thus update this soon.


Launchpad looks very interesting and I am actively exploring the interface while trying to learn as much as I can about it.


I can often be found on Minnesota LoCo channel. irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-us-mn

Current Projects and goals

I am currently learning Python along with more general linux usage.

I am interested in programming and the general hacker culture as a whole. If the reader believes me to be referring to what the media considers a hacker, I would have you read a note from ESR on hackerdom. Don't know who ESR is? You have more reading to do: The Cathedral and the Bazaar.

Future Plans and Projects

After finishing Python, I would like to move onto C and then maybe, if I ever obtain the requisite knowledge, the holy grail of programming LISP. I also want to contribute with helping people new to linux and software in general. I seem to have a knack with explaining the sometimes un-explainable.

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