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I am a data center manager in the distribution arena of a retail drug store chain. I have a background in system administration (primarily Microsoft) and helpdesk support. Working in a distribution center has allowed me to get involved with many different areas of technology. My first foray into Linux came in 2002 when we added a Cyclades terminal servers to our production areas. I learned enough Linux then to "get by". I later dabbled with MythTV for a brief period, but hadn't really caught the Linux bug.

Fast forward to Fall 2010. In looking for a solution to resurrect an older laptop, I stumbled across the Ubuntu website. I downloaded the Maverick Meerkat ISO and was impressed with the ease of installation. At that point I decided to dig in and learn more. I've since set up two additional laptops with Natty Narwhal. I am eager to get involved on a deeper level and look forward to working with the Ubuntu Testing and QA teams.

Current Tasks/Projects

  • Setting up Wiki page (check)
  • Setting up Launchpad account (check)
  • Getting involved with Testing and QA

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