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Name : Harisfazillah Jamel

Nick : LinuxMalaysia

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(1) Linux users since 1998

(2) Active Open Source communities since 1999

(3) Active forum users related to Computer and Internet and promoting Linux and Open Source.

(4) Between 2001 and 2004. Involved with a group call MySIG. Malaysia Special Interest Group. Now defunction. Around this period, during weekend, Saturday and Sunday we will conduct Linux class to public.

(5) August 2004 till March 2007. Quit job and involved with OSS Freelance. Promoting and using Linux, FreeBSD and OSS as the solutions.

(6) March 2007 until now, involved with Government of Malaysia Open Source Project. OSCC MAMPU.

OSCC MAMPU was tasked to establish and operate the Open Source Competency Centre (OSCC), which is the single point of reference to guide, facilitate, coordinate and monitor implementation of OSS in the Public Sector of Malaysia.

Ubuntu and Me

(1) Used Ubuntu as main Distro since 2006.

(2) Introduce Ubuntu as the main desktop for OSCC MAMPU Office.

(3) Promoting Ubuntu in OSCC MAMPU seminars to government agencies in Malaysia.

This involved 5 seminars between 2007-2008 all around Malaysia with the estimation of participants to total up to 2000 government ICT personnels.

2 Conferences MyGOSSCON 2007 and 2008 with total estimation or participants of 600 government ICT personnels each confenrences.

We are targeting to introduce and promote the usage of OSS to estimated 6000 ICT personnel in Malaysian government.

Ubuntu is the main showcase for Desktop solution for each of the seminars and conferences. List of talks and seminars.

(4) Administrator Ubuntu Mirror in OSCC MAMPU.

(5) Involment in Ubuntu Malaysia Team in mailing list, forum and IRC #ubuntu-my

(6) Active contribution for Ubuntu Malay Translation.

(7) Active committee for MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009. This conference has Install Fest for Ubuntu and 1 slot for Ubuntu talk. Booth for OSS community to show case OSS.

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