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Montreal,QC, Canada

Ubuntu Member since Nov. 2009

Who Am I?

Hi. I work as an independent IT consultant and my primary focus is on Security. I ocassionally coach organizations and persons to adopt Ubuntu as a viable choice for Desktop OS. I've been a GNU/Linux user/enthusiast since 1996.


  • Member of several teams inside Ubuntu Community.

  • I worked for Canonical as a Sales Engineer on the definition and improvement of key features that could expedite the adoption of Ubuntu in enterprise environments.
  • One of the initial admin members of Ubuntu Colombia Team
  • Ubuntu Member since 2009
  • Advocacy about Ubuntu in Cartagena (Colombia) LUG
  • Attendance to Ubuntu Release Parties in Montreal,QC
  • Participation at UDS Jaunty 2008 (Mountainview, CA)
  • Delivered remote talk about ubuntu and cloud computing for the Software Freedom Day 2009 at Barranquilla Colombia Document here

  • Translated "On becoming Ubuntu Member" by Alan Bell to spanish. Available here


  • Classroom for Colombian NGO (powered by Lubuntu): During this project I donated several computers to a Non-Government Organization in Colombia (Niños de Papel). The computers where installed and configured with Lubuntu.

Plans for Ubuntu

  • Improve Ubuntu quality by reporting bugs
  • Promote the use of Ubuntu in large organizations
  • Provide feedback to the Ubuntu project about enterprise desktop requirements to increase adoption
  • Motivate non-technical users to participate on the project


Luis has been one of the Colombian Team most supportive members. He's always active at the mailing lists and at the irc channel. I firmly believe that Luis deserves his membership as a commited member of the Ubuntu communitiy, not only at a local level but at global level too. -- AndresMujica

Luis provides tremendous IRC help & guidance to new or advanced Ubuntu users likewise. I admire his patience! He's very visible in local events in Quebec province too. -- FabianRodriguez

Member of the ColombianTeam, helpful and excellent support on mailing lists and IRC channel --HollmanEnciso

"One Ubuntu-Co member always collaborating with Ubuntu-Co and the Ubuntu Project. A great person and contact outside of Colombia ;)" -- JulianAlarcon


Ubuntu Release Party

Ubuntu Release Party Ubuntu Release Party Ubuntu Release Party

UDS Jaunty

UDS Jaunty UDS Jaunty UDS Jaunty

Niños de Papel Project

Ninos de Papel Ninos de Papel Ninos de Papel

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