Basic Information

Name: Luis Manuel Alvarado Viloria

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Hometown: Maracaibo, Venezuela



Ubuntu Member Since: April 19 2012

Ubuntu User: 25487

Linux User: 463503




Ubuntu User Since: 2005 (Ubuntu 5.04)

Current OS: Ubuntu 16.04


System Engineer (UNEFA Venezuela)

Associate's Degree in Open Source Software (CEDIC Venezuela)

Associate's Degree in Pedagogy (LUZ Venezuela)

System Administrator (LFCS)


Coding: C/C++, MySQL, PHP, JQuery, Symfony*, Bash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript*, GO*, MongoDB

Tools: Puppet*, Chef*, Ansible*, Jenkins*, Juju*, OpenStack*

General: Network Administration, Network Security, White Hat Hacking*, Cloud Computing*, Digital Forensic Security, Dedicated Servers (Mail, Virtual, Web, Printers...), VoIP, Remote Assistance

* - Still Learning


  • Active Member in AskUbuntu

  • First Latin American Moderator in AskUbuntu

  • Teaching Network Administration, Linux, Programming & Computer Hardware to College Graduates/Post-Graduates.

  • Teaching Ubuntu to Costa Rican, Argentinian, Colombian, USA, UK, Indian, Australian and Mexican Users.
  • Taught Ubuntu to Venezuelan Users (Typical Windows users that do not know or are moving to Linux). Moved at least 500+ to Ubuntu in the past 6 years and about 400 are still using Ubuntu and are active Ubuntu users (They have seen the light ).

  • Taught Ubuntu in multiple elementary schools.
  • Updated several commercial businesses to Ubuntu, Xubuntu or Lubuntu.
  • Participated in FLISOL 2009 -

  • Participated in FLISOL 2012 -

  • Main Coordinator in FLISOL 2013 -

  • Performed numerous talks about Open Source in several universities in Costa Rica & Venezuela


I plan to keep on propagating the use of Ubuntu among all that want to enjoy the benefits of Linux. For me, Ubuntu is an example of how the power of open source software can go beyond of what is expected, and show that open source software can reach many types of users, businesses and benefit them in so many ways, be it the end user, the middle man, corporate or developers.


Luis Alvarado has been an active member of the local and international community. Assists on the local LUG forums, promoting and supporting Ubuntu Linux. Also participates in the local events like FLISOL which is the Latin America Free Software Installation Festival, it is held simultaneously in every country in LA and he installs Ubuntu. Besides that he is a good team player in OSS developer meetings and projects. -Miguel Alvarado (aka Exodus)

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