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lukjad86 (freenode)

About Me

I found out about Linux and Ubuntu in 2006, just after Dapper Drake came out. I was at the time using Windows 98 and was having quite a few issues with spyware and lack of quality software. Fortunately, I didn't know much about computers, so I had few habits to "relearn" when someone introduced me to my first distro, SLAX. Then I switched over to Ubuntu for my installed distro.

Contributions to the Community

  • Mention Ubuntu whenever possible
  • Help out on the forums answering questions as much as possible
  • Helping out with the Ubuntu Doc team, editing the wiki.

Wiki Pages

Current projects


Needs cleanup


Creating and adding information and links

Worked on

I did a bit of cleanup, but honestly didn't understand enough of the material to continue the work.


Reformatted and updated page

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