About Me

My name is Marc Cluet, I'm working at Canonical SI Team, our function is to integrate large scale solutions into Ubuntu, collaborating both with the Server and Platform teams. I'm the de-facto maintainer of mcollective-plugins and mcollective, I'm also one of the maintainers for puppet, rabbitmq-server and ipxe.

You can find me on launchpad here.

Contact Information


  • Orchestra Project developer
  • cloud-init and squid-deb-proxy contributor
  • Maintaining and updating (through sponsorship) of mcollective, mcollective-plugins, mcollective-provisioner, rabbitmq-server, puppet, ipxe
  • Bug triager (unofficial)
  • Juju Charmer
  • Openstack packaging contributor (swift)
  • cloudfoundry project member
  • Organiser of the UDS keysigning parties for UDS-O and UDS-P


  • My main tasks are at the SI Team, evangilising about juju and find new ways to integrate juju (MS Azure, Openstack, Puppet...), integrate new Cloud solutions into Ubuntu (cloudfoundry, openstack) and evangelise about devops features of Ubuntu Server. Through this I've also been working hand in hand with Puppetlabs, I've helped integrate mcollective into Ubuntu for natty and expanding and upgrading that integration for Oneiric all the way to Precise. I've also contributed pieces of code both upstream to Puppetlabs and to cloud-init and squid-deb-proxy to both expand and optimize those projects.

Future Goals

  • Expand Ubuntu Server, integrate large scale PaaS solutions
  • Maintain and expand Ubuntu Server proficiency for large scale applications, both for cloud and bare metal scenarios
  • Integrate new devopsy features into Ubuntu through Universe


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

* I met Marc last year when he was in Portland for PuppetConf and although he was there in a official Canonical capacity he definitely tried to engage with Ubuntu Oregon members in his free time. Marc definitely from what I can see evangelizes for Ubuntu even in his free time. bkerensa

* Since first meeting Marc at UDS-O in Budapest, I have been nothing but impressed. He has made numerous fixes to packages in Ubuntu, all of excellent quality, and worked tirelessly with us to make Juju a driving force for Ubuntu in the cloud. will be proud to have lynxman's name next to it. Smile :) clint-fewbar

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