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About Me

I'm Monica Ayhens-Madon, and I am a member of the Documentation Team for Ubuntu MATE. I also coordinate quarterly meetings of the ubuntu-flavors group.

In addition to these roles, I also work on documentation for OpenMRS and will be working with the newly formed team for imakefoss.


  • I am a member of the Ubuntu MATE Team and helped substantially with our website overhaul in April 2020. I also help with web site updates and co-authored the 20.10 release notes.

  • I led an impromptu mentorship with a group of technical writers during Hacktoberfest, introducing many of them to open source contribution. Some of these volunteers will be staying with the project.
  • I help Ubuntu MATE users on the Ubuntu MATE Community forums, particularly focusing on new posters and calls-to-action for testing.

  • The ubuntu-flavors meetings I have organized and moderated have resulted in increased collaboration and cooperation for multiple flavors (upstream communication regarding Calamares, automating support on testing channels, an Ubuntu Studio artwork team member offering assistance to other flavors, among others). Meetings have now been established on a quarterly basis, and we now have a presence on the Ubuntu Wiki for creating agendas, minutes, and providing information.


  • I encourage regular communication in the Ubuntu MATE core team and help coordinate and organize meetings.
  • I foster Ubuntu Flavor collaboration and cooperation.
  • I am an admin and moderator of the Jupiter Broadcasting Telegram group.
  • I am one of the organizers of the 'People Powered' Book Club, and help run a weekly video Q&A and a separate study group, in addition to occasional workshops. Jono has offered his endorsement here.

Future Goals

  • Help grow and sustain an active Ubuntu MATE community and core team
  • Increase collaboration between Ubuntu flavors, as well as between the flavors and other parts of the Ubuntu community
  • Help re-invigorate the Ubuntu community through engagement and content creation


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I've known Monica via Ubuntu MATE, the #ubuntu-flavors group, and a wide range of community channels. Monica has also organized several community projects and shown herself to be the kind of person whom you want to have in your community and the type of person who fosters growth not just in herself but in others. I endorse Monica's application for membership wholeheartedly. -- franksmcb 2020-11-11 00:26:09

Monica has been an influential contributor to the Ubuntu MATE community, undertaking a significant rewrite of our website/documentation, welcoming new members to the community, active in discussion forums and taken ownership of social networks. Monica has coordinated with other members of the Ubuntu MATE community to reenvigorate community outreach to and onboarding of new contributors to the project. Monica is actively seeking to exapnd her role within the Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu communities and is an excellent ambassador for Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE! -- flexiondotorg 2020-11-12 12:43:21

Monica has been an active regular member of the Ubuntu community via working with Ubuntu Mate on documentation and their website, along with being present in several social spaces such as the Ubuntu Podcast Telegram channel. I've known Monica for a while now and have seen them grow in their enthusiasm and attainment within the Ubuntu project and community. Monica is a great ambassador Ubuntu showing immense community spirit. They are friendly to everyone and encourage people to get involved at any opportunity. I wholeheartedly endorse her application to become an Ubuntu Member. -- diddledan 2020-11-13 03:51:31

Monica is an excellent contributor to Ubuntu MATE documentation efforts and is well integrated socially. I endorse her application for membership and expect her to be in a formal leadership role in due time. -- skellat 2020-11-19 18:56:28

I'm happy to hear that Monica is seeking Ubuntu Membership and can only say, it's about time! She has been a real leader in the Ubuntu Flavors team, helping all of us communicate, plan and help one another all the time rather than just at the end of each cycle. When we all help one another, it makes us all better. Go Monica! -- valorie-zimmerman 2020-11-19 19:47:57

I've known Monica for a while via the Ubuntu Podcast Telegram channel and have found her to be an positive, encouraging, enthusiastic and community-spirited individual. The open-source community benefits from people like Monica -- sbutcher 2020-11-20 15:55:34

I've know Monica via #ubuntu-flavor, and although we haven't talked one-on-one, due to my poor English, I saw the great effort she was making to promote ubuntu-flavor teamwork, and the last person who did this was Simon. Thank you for all you have done for us! -- feng-kylin 2020-11-23 02:10:02

I have no idea what it is, but Monica is one of the nicest, if not the nicest person in the Ubuntu community I have met. She is someone who never rushes but tries to make the best of her time and help others. She has so much light in her that she is exactly what we need more of in Ubuntu! Hardworking, yet happy and determined, with never ending goals. She is incredibly amazing and I love working with her! I can't wait to be with her more often and maybe see her soon in a post-pandemic world! -- itzswirlz 2021-03-04 13:21:02

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