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Apt-get Installations

  • > sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras w32codecs ffmpeg vlc mozilla-plugin-vlc mplayer miro hpodder audacity vim-full skype nautilus-open-terminal community-themes filezilla mplayer revelation gthumb powertop htop gnome-do gnome-do-plugins thunderbird lightning-extension mail-notification elisa emerald gtweakui startupmanager

Flash and other non-free viewers and codecs. w32codecs ffmpeg vlc - best media player ever + mozilla-plugin-vlc mplayer - media player. miro - GUI podcatcher hpodder - cmd line podcatcher audacity - audio editing tool vim-full skype nautilus-open-terminal - Open terminal on desktop with a right click. community-themes : A set of nice themes from Ubuntu 8.10. filezilla - GTK ftp/sftp program. revelation - Great password vault. gthumb - an image viewer and browser for GNOME, supports videos too powertop - Program to analyze power consumption on Intel-based laptops. Possibly can offer an hour or so of extra battery life. htop - great process monitor gnome-do & gnome-do-plugins an intelligent launcher tool that makes performing common tasks on your computer simple and efficient nautilus-dropbox - Dropbox online storage application. wine recordmydesktop Thunderbird (what can I say, I'm switching from Windows and Evolution hasn't won me over) emerald: a window decorator startupmanager: manage grub interface and issu splash screen pysdm: storage device manager For 64-bit users install the following packages so your system can run 32-bit applications

  • % sudo apt-get install lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0

Other Programs:

Picasa Google Desktop Search Elisa Quickstart Backup Google Gadgets

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