About Me

Ask Ubuntu Moderator since Aug 2010
Ubuntu Community Member since Oct 2011
Juju Charmer since Nov 2011
Ubuntu Membership Boards since July 2014
Ubuntu Community Council since Nov 2015

Ubuntu User since 5.04

Contact Information


Ubuntu I primarily work on the Ask Ubuntu website, offering support to users by answers to their questions and guidance for the community as a site moderator

Ubuntu Chromify-OSD - Replace Google Chrome/Chromium webkit notifications with native NotifyOSD
Ubuntu APTURL Redirector - Using the specs outlined by MPT I designed and implemented a replacement for which is pending review by the Canonical server team, a demo is available.
Ubuntu Time permitting I submit translations via LaunchPad as I can speak and write in Spanish and can write Italian.
Ubuntu Donate server resources at cost to host the data server for the Ask Ubuntu Lens

Future Goals

After spending many years building RPMs for the various Red Hat based systems we administered, I've become very interested in packaging and applying eventually for MOTU to help maintain and bring even more applications to the already plentiful Ubuntu Repositories.

I hope to help integrate Ask Ubuntu into the Ubuntu community, by doing so helping users get the answers to their questions as soon as possible! This includes additional work on the site, as well as work offsite with various Ubuntu teams and developers to include ways to connect to Ask Ubuntu via the API. To help facilitate this I will be attending UDS-P in Orlando.

As a web developer there isn't much I can do to help triage bugs in desktop software; however, I plan on putting my expertise to good use in helping improve the communities web presence when applicable. Whether that be with coding, UI feedback, or increasing 508 compliance in Ubuntu sites.

Finally, I plan on becoming more involved in my Ubuntu LoCo. Helping to plan and execute events which will promote Ubuntu in the DC Metro area.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

Ubuntu Marco has been doing an awesome job as one of the Community Moderators on Ask Ubuntu - he's friendly and approachable if there is a problem with the site/etc, and frequently handles problems on the site openly, without chaos and confusion. James Gifford

Ubuntu As a fellow community moderator on Ask Ubuntu, working with Marco has been an absolute pleasure. His reliability and diligence are exceptional, and his continued engagement in the Ubuntu community is making it a better place. As well as using his technical knowledge to help people with real problem, he has also shown himself to be a great resolver of conflict, small or large. Because of this, in my view, Marco is essential to the Ubuntu community. Stefano Palazzo

Ubuntu Marco has been essential in getting Ask Ubuntu off the ground and making it awesome for users, he's been working on it for almost 18 months, many times this work has dragged on late into the night, but we kept at it. The Apt Redirector project has also been a great way to prototype one of the problem areas we've had for a long time, great job dragging us in the right direction. -- jorge 2011-10-18 19:54:22

Ubuntu As another of Marco's Ask Ubuntu colleagues, like Stefano, I have only praise for his work there. It's surplus to say he is friendly - he has been elected twice - what I would like to focus on is his dedication. Marco is a moderating machine. Seriously. Keeping on top of Ask Ubuntu's relentless issues is a tough and unrewarding job but Marco churns through the workload like his life depended on it and has been working at that rate since the site started well over a year ago. To that end Marco has also been great at helping people on Ask Ubuntu both with Ubuntu and administrative issues, helping reinforce both our micro-community and the Ubuntu community at large. Without him the site would certainly be a lot worse. I think that's probably true to wherever Marco applies himself; in a few years we'll all be saying "Ubuntu would be a lot worse without marcoceppi". Marco has proven his dedication, knowledge and force of will. He will make Ubuntu better for us all. -- oli

Ubuntu Marco is a great asset to the Ubuntu community with his work on Ask Ubuntu, and he would be a welcome addition as an Ubuntu member -- ajmitch

Ubuntu Marco Ceppi comes at my highest recommendation. He has served the Ask Ubuntu community for over a year as both a pro tem moderator and an elected community moderator - and he has done an excellent job of editing questions, providing answers, and making sure the site was organized in the most efficient way possible. I also have had the privilege of collaborating with Marco on a PHP wrapper for the Stack Exchange API. During the development process, he was very thorough in explaining his contributions and documenting them. -- George Edison

Ubuntu Marco Ceppi has been a great asset to the AskUbuntu community. A fusion of great personality, passion about the communities values, and he truly groks the nature of Ubuntu. Marco Stays on point with a determination to solve any problems that come his way; He has demonstrated an amazing ability to solve problems through creativity, and critical analysis. I extend this recommendation with the highest of regards. Charles Butler

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