Our Mission

Our mission is to build a global network of Ubuntu sites, local groups, activists and basically anyone working to promote Ubuntu with the sole objective of fostering communication and cooperation between all initiatives.

The Marketing Code of Conduct (mCoC) lists the things every Ubuntu promoter should know and try to do, The List is the place where you'll find info about every website, channel, team or person working to promote Ubuntu at any level.

The Three Goals of Ubuntu Marketing

1- Raise awareness of Ubuntu.

2- Get people to try Ubuntu.

3- Improve Ubuntu's brand image.


The different teams that work tirelessly to bring Ubuntu to everyone's home.

For any projects, suggestions or ideas regarding marketing or advocacy feel free to contact (or join) the related team:

Marketing and Advocacy Teams

Gaming Team

Promote FOSS Games and Ubuntu through each other

<ubuntu-gaming AT lists DOT launchpad DOT com>


Promotional material for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Love

Aims to get you involved with the Ubuntu project.

Marketing Team

Directs the marketing and promotion of Ubuntu.

<ubuntu-marketing AT lists DOT launchpad DOT com>

Ubuntu Social

Support for admins of Ubuntu websites and Social Networks.

<ubuntu-social AT lists DOT launchpad DOT com>

Local Community Teams

Find and contact or join your local team here.

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