My name is Mark Thomas. I graduated from Devry University in 1999 with a degree in Computer Information Systems. I was introduced to Ubuntu in 2006 with Ubuntu 6.06, Dapper Drake and have continued to use a Ubuntu Operating System to this day. I have been a Canonical employee since March 2013.



* Member/contributor to Launchpad since 25 March 2013

  • Is a member of well over 200 Teams notably the Canonical Support Team, Ubuntu Bug Control, and the Ubuntu Server Guide Helpers.

* Member/administrator of the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team since 17 December 2013.

  • Attends weekly AZLOCO IRC meetings
  • Assists in maintaining the Team servers
  • Administrator of the AZLOCO Team Own Cloud server.

  • Is active on the Team IRC channel. #ubuntu-us-az
  • Attends and assists at the semi-monthly Team Installfests

* Canonical employee since March 2013


  • Present a positive role model in the Ubuntu Community
  • Continue to support Ubuntu and Free and Open Source Software
  • Continue to educate the public about the benefits of Ubuntu Linux
  • Expand Ubuntu usage in the public cloud by contributing to an improving and persuasive user experience.
  • Continue to live by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct


I met Mark Thomas when I joined AZLOCO back in March 2014. One is easily impressed by his knowledge of all things associated with Ubuntu and servers and his willingness to provide assistance both at Team installfests and on our IRC channel. He rightly deserves the privilege of Ubuntu membership for his continuing and untiring actions on behalf of the entire Ubuntu community in general and of course our LoCo Team in particular.

Rex Bouwense, Ubuntu Member,

I'm working with Mark Thomas for about 2 years and a half now, my day to day interactions with Mark have demonstrated his desire to do things right and make Ubuntu better. I think Mark would make a great Ubuntu member.

-- Eric Desrochers - Ubuntu Member/Contributing Developer - slashd 2022-06-29 11:25:31

Mark has involved with AzLoCo for many years and built and maintained team servers assisted at all installfests with both new users and experienced users with debugging installation and training and presentations to our group and and to the Ubuntu wiki and forums also. He also usually monitoring several IRC channels and always willing to assist answer or give valid ideas

-- Todd Cole - Ubuntu Member Team leader Ubuntu Arizona Loco

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