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Maciej Danielski


mdanielski (at) ubuntu (dot) com


Mean-Machine on





Future Goals

  • As a LoCo Team Point of Contact I will keep representing the Ubuntu Community and promoting Ubuntu in Ireland.

  • Organizing community events is still my priority (Release Parties, Bug Jams, Install Parties, Software Freedom Day).
  • Will make an effort to resurrect and motivate the Ubuntu Irish Translation Team

  • In the near future I also plan to be more active in Polish Ubuntu translations and Bugs triaging.

Testimonials for Membership Application

Some of you know me Paul O'Malley (ompaul), and I highly recommend Maciej for all his work, he undersells his involvement above. He has for well over a year built with others on a base of zero to get an active group of Ubuntu supporters together. Tireless in debugging things at LUG night outs, and spreading the word when at them. He is ever willing to explain to newcomers how Ubuntu works, how to get good stuff out of it. His participation in SFD was critical to it's success in Dublin, the global bug jam and any LUG nights out, where he pushes Ubuntu. I can't promise I can make the IRC session but I will try.

Maciej has done an amazing and restless work to advocate Ubuntu and FLOSS in Dublin. Leader, organizer and guy to go to about anything in Dublin's/Ireland's LoCo. This LoCo is building nice and strong thanks to him. I certainly give a +1 for his membership. -- LuisdeBethencourt


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