General information

Meetingology is a bot running on the #ubuntu-meeting channel and some other channels on the Libera.Chat network. Its purpose is to facilitate meetings and take the minutes. The general principles are as follows:

  • The bot should be quiet unless it has something useful to say. The bot won't echo every command in the channel, but it might confirm in a private message to the user that it understood things (this principle is not yet fully implemented).
  • Writing minutes is an activity unworthy of a human, the post meeting minutes process should be copy-paste-done.
  • Command compatible with the old Mootbot: you can use [topic] instead of #topic.
  • The meeting minutes consist of a summary of the important points, plus a full log of the meeting.

Using the bot


Commands marked with a Circle of Friends can be given by anyone, not only the chair or an op.

Managing the meeting

  • #startmeeting <meetingtopic> Ubuntu
    Starts the meeting and sets the meeting topic to <meetingtopic>.

    #meetingtopic <topic>
    Sets the meeting topic to <topic>. Use this if you forgot to set the meeting topic when starting the meeting.

    Ends the meeting. Can be used by any chair or any op on the channel.

Chair(s) and attendants

  • #chair <nick> <nick> ...
    Set any number of people to be chairs of the meeting.

    #unchair <nick>
    Removes any user from the set of chairs of the meeting.

    #nick <nick>
    Adds a nick that has not spoken to the attendants. You can also use this to create a person/respondant for any action item in the minutes.

    • #nick CommunityCouncil
      #action CommunityCouncil will produce report on . . .


  • #topic <topic>
    Sets the current meeting topic to <topic>, which is also saved in the meeting minutes. If the bot has rights, also changes the channel topic.

    #subtopic <topic>
    Sets the current meeting subtopic to <topic>, which is also saved in the meeting minutes.
    Alias: #progress

Meeting minutes

  • #accepted <text>
    Adds an "accepted" item in the meeting minutes.
    Alias: #accept

    #action <text> Ubuntu
    Adds an "action" item in the meeting minutes. The <text> should have one or more nicks in it.

    #agreed <text>
    Adds an "agreed" item in the meeting minutes.
    Alias: #agree

    Adds a "help" item in the meeting minutes. This indicates that the meeting attendants/team need help from somebody.
    Alias: #halp

    #idea <text> Ubuntu
    Adds an "idea" item in the meeting minutes.

    #info <text> Ubuntu
    Adds an "info" item in the meeting minutes.

    #rejected <text>
    Adds a "rejected" item in the meeting minutes. Opposite to #agreed.


  • #vote <subject>
    Starts a vote on <subject>. Votes are given by saying +1, 0 or -1 on the channel. Votes are counted once, but you can change your mind as many times as you want before the voting ends.

    #votesrequired <count>
    Specifies the number of votes needed until the vote will pass. Example: #votesrequired 2 means you either need an aggregate of +2 or -2 to pass. Example: if you don't want a 0 to be a deadlock (e.g. if everyone abstains then the vote should fail) then set #votesrequired 1.

    #voters <nick> <nick> ...
    Set the qualified voters. Use '#voters all' to reset.

    Ends the vote and announces the results as well as adds them to the meeting minutes.

Other bot commands

  • #commands Ubuntu
    Lists the commands the bot understands. This is called by #startmeeting so you shouldn't need it.

    #link Ubuntu
    Pasting a link to the channel already adds a link in the meeting minutes.

    #lurk and #unlurk
    Don't use this. Makes the bot quiet/not so quiet. For debugging only.

    Sets the meeting name. Use #meetingtopic instead.

    Don't use this. WIP. The idea is to reprocess raw logs looking for meeting commands and output formatted meeting minutes.

    Don't use this. Untested feature that chmods log files. Useless in publicly logged channels.

    Don't use this. Flushes meeting minutes to disk. This is called by #endmeeting.

    Undoes the last command from the logs. Doesn't always work.

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