About Me:

* FullName : Zulkifli Abdullah
* Frequently Used Nickname : melayubuntu @ zulmalc
* IRC Nickname : melayubuntu @ zulmalc
* GTalk : zul.malc
* Yahoo Messenger : syahid_zul
* Age: 24 years old

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I love to think something totally different. I trained my brain to do so since 2000 and that was a very long journey. I noticed most people considered as linux GURU in malaysia have a trend to blog about linux in a very complicated way. Thats why most of the articles in my blog is so easy to understand even if you are not IT related person. I love to share my knowledge with others and at the same time i love to blog. I found a lot of interesting people when i became ubuntu blogger. I hope to find a lot more interesting people and make friend with them when i officially become ubuntu member.


1.An active blogger focus on ubuntu at
2.On 1 May 2008, i published my first e-magazine, E-MAJ (written in Malay) covering the basic information about ubuntu and the differences between ubuntu and windows. E-MAJ so far have been downloaded by 10,000 peoples in malaysia. You can get the copy of E-MAJ here :
3.On 25 August 2008, I personally handled an ubuntu event at Kolej Shahputra (Local College at Kuantan, Pahang) to promote ubuntu as desktop solution to college student there. I wrote a complete report about this event here :
4.Attend local ubuntu malaysia meet-up to discuss about ubuntu in malaysia and the challenge to introduce ubuntu as a complete operating system.
5.Contributed something for ubuntu session during FOSS.MY 08.
6.On 16 Feb this year, i published Manual Ubuntu - a complete basic guide about ubuntu written 100% in malay. This E-BOOK have been downloaded by more than 900 peoples in 1st 24-hour. Here is your references : You can download this E-BOOK here :
7.I'm working on the project to release the 2nd edition of E-MAJ. I planned to release this magazine on May this year.

Future Plans:

1.Translate 100% ubuntu to malay language in near future.
2.Enrich my knowledge especially in programming (ruby, ruby on rails, python - with so i can write my own open source app), networking, database (mysql) and linux (unix) operating system.

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