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I started late using computers and surfing the web. This happened between 2003 and 2004, and at that time I had a dial-up connection. My aim was to communicate around alternative topics, such as the benefits of organic food, about energies and more. This led me very soon to alternate Operating Systems.

My first computer was a tower with Windows XP, which I soon had replaced with a dual-boot, with the help or the Linux communities.

I have been using Ubuntu first as Warty Warthog, and soon after as Hoary Hedgehog, which brings us back to late 2004 and early 2005. At that time I was a newbie just started with Mandrake 10 a few months ago, and some random events had brought me to co-write a book for a French editor, related to Ubuntu, which title would translate to something such as "Ubuntu, an easy to use Linux distribution". The book was published in January 2006 and had some success. (

It is now my 10th year using GNU/Linux on a daily basis, and while doing so, creating links with many great people.

I have never learned how to code, however I went through the GNU/Linux file-system and tricks around some parts of the hardware many times, at same time as I have been testing a bunch of different distributions, either for my own need or for the curiosity. Using mostly hardware which was not very powerful or not quite recent, I have always been looking for efficiency and lightness. This brought me to try all major known desktops from KDE to Lxde when it came out, and finally also leave it aside to use Openbox with only a few companion programs to make it easy on the long run.

I have also made one package, a ppa for Precise, openbox-menu, with some difficulties and with some good help from the people who have the know how, I must say. Starting with Trusty a ppa for openbox-menu is not needed anymore, as being now in the repository, thanks to several people from the GNU/Linux communities.

My actual hobby is around remixing Ubuntu with Openbox, to share it as a system even lighter while still good looking and easy to use out of the box. My other contributions to the Ubuntu communities consist mainly in testing and reporting bugs, and sometimes helping other users on forums and on IRC.

My other topics of interest are related to walks in the nature, environment topics, organic food, and practicing some old martial arts.

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