About Me:

* FullName : Mohd Fauzi Abd Rahman
* IRC Nickname : mfauzirahman
* Facebook Acc : Abah Agharr Fauzi (Agharr is by lovely son name)
* Age : 35 years
* Status : Married
* Working as : Team Leader Customer Service
* Education : UIAM
* Email :
* Launchpad :
* Wiki link :

I'm just a ordinary guy who was graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (Bachelor is Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Political Sciences)
I love to get involved Computer & IT even though I do not have any certificate that related to IT.
I just learned about PC & IT from friends & Internet.
It is enough for me to fix the PC problem for me & families.

Currently I'm working as Team Leader Customer Service at Glenmarie Shah Alam.
I'm the only one in the office using Ubuntu

Why I use Ubuntu?

I'm started to use Linux OS since 2007 after introduced by one of my friend.
Starting with Fedora, I try to download Ubuntu 8.10
With my friend guide & some knowledge from Mr Google, I try to install it to my laptop.
After 2nd attempt, I successfully install Ubuntu into my laptop.
I got no issue with drivers by using Ubuntu. Everything was installed perfectly.
No need to worry about virus, my laptop running smooth make me feel happy with Ubuntu.
Since then, I decide to use Ubuntu as my default OS (still using Windows due to office environment)


There no contribution that I can be proud of at this moment as I started to join Ubuntu group (
Each member that need help, I will assist based on my knowledge accordingly.
But one thing for sure is all my family is using Ubuntu as default OS.
Hopefully I can contribute more to Ubuntu community in future
Community support contribution on
Community support contribution on

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