About me

I am interested a little of everything software-related and I have vocational qualification in business information science. I have used Ubuntu since 2008 (8.04) and I have also used other distributions such as Fedora, Debian, Linux Mint Debian Edition and Antergos.

Currently I am waiting for my gender to be legally recognized before continuing studying which should happen in winter. I am not fully sure where I will apply, but I know that it won't be in Kotka. I wish I can go to Helsinki, but I don't know what to study there yet.

I know a little of HTML which I use mostly with markdown and also little of C# and VBA, which I have had courses about at vocational college.

I have probably mostly been in Supybot (IRC-bot that multiple Ubuntu bots use) IRC-support and I have helped a little with administrating meetingology which means upgrading it to current Limnoria (most popular Supybot-fork nowadays) and setting it to use CertFP and SASL to identify to NickServ. Recently I left the project as I am unwanted there.

I am still on many channels and networks though helping when I can. At freenode you can see the public channels that I am on with /whois Mikaela.

I have been contributing to Ubuntu community in IRC channel of Ubuntu Youth (since 2010) and and I think I also have been at IRC channels of Ubuntu Finland around the same time. I started contributing at IRC channels of Ubuntu Women in June 2014.

At vocational college we have sometimes encountered Ubuntu in various tasks and I have helped others with it when they have had issues. I also have done some contributions at Linux.fi wiki, which is freely editable Linux help site in Finnish. I am also moderator on their forum.

I was also at Ubuntu (Finland) community meeting & 15.04 release party at Happy Hacking Day even if I was mostly just listening

Other things

I have Aspergers syndrome (where special interest is computers and mostly software (which probably is obivious from higher of this page)) and I am trans woman.

Oh, and it could probably also be said that I am planning to learn Python (3) at some point, but that is probably long-time target.


CoevoetNicolas : Mikaela is always present and active as a good helper in supybot/limnoria's channels, i don't know her too much from ubuntu's channels, but i'm pretty sure her behaviour is the same. I support her membership.

AlanBell : Mikaela suggested some improvements to the way some of the IRC bots could be set up and then volunteered to get on and make it happen, which is great.

ValorieZimmerman : Mikaela is so dedicated to making IRC work for everyone. She is an inspiration to me almost daily as she contributes technically while dealing with online harassment far too often. valorie-zimmerman 2019-06-24 20:52:05

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